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At TheWordsmith, we know what it is like to have been fired, to be laid off or be out of work for a long time. These things are terrible. Some say that losing a job is like having a death in the family. We can help you with the tools you need to get back out there because you need to earn a living. We understand and can help you overcome the bad feeling and depression that goes with these events.



No one here is a licensed therapist, but we know how to listen. Here is some of what we offer: 

Resume revision and composition,

A chance to practice interviewing,

Job Coaching and advice,

Composition of letters and papers,

Research on an hourly rate,

Suggestions based on 26 years technical recruiting experience,

Staffing services by the person or the project.



The Wordsmith, LLC. enjoys the confidence of many professionals in many occupations. Some represented include Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Embedded Systems Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Technical H1B candidates,

scientists, The Defense Industry, light-wave Engineers and many others



The Wordsmith, LLC is a woman veteran-owned business dedicated to getting people not only back into the workforce, but to get them gainfully employed in a more satisfying job. Why are there no resources available for people to get help after a layoff or firing? Getting fired doesn't always include getting rid of a bad employee. If you live in a "work-at-will" state, no one needs a reason. Work at will basically means that the employer is always right in a dispute. I am working on my Master's Degree in Organizational and Industrial Psychology so I can help do something about that.  I want to offer therapy to these people that have no recourse-in other words, I want to clean up the mess you work at will employers have made of the workforce, and help get them GAINFULLY re-employed.






If you work an average of 8 hours per day, one should never spend that time doing something you hate. By actively tuning a person's resume to their work and their preferences, the resume owner can get interviews that have the potential to get them the job they actually want.






As the owner of The Wordsmith, LLC., I have seen a lot of problems in the workplace; bosses that don't care or are apathetic, people who go through the motions of working and live only on the weekends and others who are flustered and made sick by stress. These people are eager to retire so they can do the things they enjoy. Why spend a third of your lives being miserable-you sleep 8 hours (in theory), work for 8 hours and do other things in the remaining 8 hours!


The Wordsmith, LLC


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